Proper operation of the air conditioner is an incredibly responsible and complex process, which is almost impossible to figure out for yourself. In order to ensure that installation and further operation of modern climate control systems does not cause any difficulties for consumers, the instruction manual for a particular model is included in the package. A detailed and accessible written user manual or service manual will serve the user perfectly, allowing you to enjoy the smooth operation of the device and independently resolve minor malfunctions and malfunctions.

Air conditioner instruction & service manuals: purpose

Installation and further use of the air conditioner is difficult to implement without observing the basic requirements and rules prescribed in the manual for its operation.


The modern market for HVAC equipment offers a huge range of air conditioners of various world brands. Each product has its own characteristics, technical characteristics and a functional component, which means that the instructions for air conditioners of different manufacturers are different: for example, the LG air conditioner instruction manual is exclusively for models of this brand, and the Mitsubishi air conditioner instruction manual is for installations of a well-known Japanese manufacturer. However, any instruction, regardless of the manufacturer, gives detailed answers to any questions related to the operation of a particular model of air conditioner, allows you to understand for yourself the basic safety rules for the operation of the device and find out a detailed description of the internal and external components of the mechanisms and parts of the air conditioner, as well as determine the sequence assembly.

Undoubtedly, well-trained specialists should install the air conditioner, however, information about the technology of the whole process will not be superfluous. Regarding the settings, the information in the manual is highlighted in a separate section, and the narrative is supplemented by illustrations. Since the air conditioners are controlled remotely, the operating instructions, for example, the Panasonic air conditioner, cover the rules for regulating and controlling the air flow through the remote control, general recommendations for care and maintenance, as well as possible irregularities in the operation of the air conditioner. To exclude any conflict situations or problems associated with the operation of the equipment, conclude an agreement with the supplier company on warranty and post-warranty service, the regular conduct of which will allow you to avoid sudden breakdown of the device during the maximum load, for example, in the summer period.

The contents of the operating instructions

So, any instruction manual for the air conditioner contains detailed information in several sections:

  • The purpose of the air conditioner, its series and model, technical specifications and conditions for safe operation;
  • List of error codes (or diagnostic trouble codes DTC);
  • Detailed device, mechanisms and components;
  • Ways to control the air conditioner, including the rules for using the remote control;
  • Basic tips for use, care and maintenance, recommendations for cleaning the front panel and air filter;
  • Description of the features of the operation modes of the air conditioner;
  • The most common problems and their solutions;
  • The complete set of the device;
  • Features of disposal;
  • Information about the authority that issued the certificate of conformity;
  • Warranty service coupon, which includes the model and serial number of the air conditioner, date of purchase and seal of the seller.

By strictly following all the instructions for use of the Midea, Samsung or any other brand air conditioner, you will ensure the maximum service life of the split system, increase its performance, eliminate the need for expensive repairs or replace individual parts, such as a control board or compressor.