Gree air conditioner error codes: how to decipher the fault symbol and repair the unit

The climatic equipment of the Chinese company Gree has conquered the market for a long time. It is the world's largest manufacturer of air conditioners. The variety of models produced in all market segments makes itself felt - it is impossible to understand how blocking systems work and how self-diagnosis mechanisms work without a general idea of their typical mistakes.


These air conditioners are not so complicated in comparison with equipment from manufacturers claiming to be high-tech rather than mass. After all, Gree air conditioner error codes are maximally unified. You just need to know where, what to look for and how to interpret.

General principles of diagnosis

The indicators of the sensors of the outdoor unit are displayed on the control panel and indoor unit. Errors that are duplicated by the flashing of the indicator lamps are displayed on the remote control. Their location and purpose is easy to remember, there are only three of them.


And you can not remember, they are signed on a number of models and their names are definitely in the instructions:

  1. Operation indicator (Running), its blinking is responsible for errors with letters E and H6.
  2. The indicator of heat (Heating mode), it “winks” if the air conditioner of Griya issued errors with letters H0-H9, FA, FH.
  3. Cold indicator (Cooling mode), errors F0-F9, FF.

The lights flash in a certain sequence, thereby “giving out” a particular error. Also, errors are duplicated on the unit itself and on the remote control. So counting the number of blinks that repeat every 3 seconds is optional. Moreover, there may be 9 or 11.


A number of Gree air conditioner models have little or no display. Therefore, it is easiest to use a remote control for diagnostics, which says everything you need to know to determine the malfunction. Diagnosis is based on the data of numerous sensors of the air conditioner.

"E" Error Codes

Gree air conditioner E0 error means insufficient starting voltage. That is, most likely, “in the socket” is simply insufficient voltage. This is potentially dangerous for an air conditioner, since prolonged exposure of inrush currents to its power supply network can cause overheating, which will “burn” the insulation of the wiring, and then the appliance itself.


If the matter is “in the socket”, then the problem is solved by purchasing a voltage stabilizer, which will bring the voltage to the desired 220V.


But perhaps the matter is in the wiring of the air conditioner itself. Therefore, if the mains voltage is 220V, but the air conditioner still gives an error E0, then you need to check it.

Error E1 is a shutdown to protect the compressor from too high a pressure. Error E3 means that the pressure is too low on the compressor.


Sometimes, to eliminate E1, it is sufficient to wash the air conditioner air condenser well. If it is not sufficiently blown, then this leads to an increase in pressure of freon. If the air conditioner has a water condenser, check the water intake. Another possible reason is an overabundance of freon itself or an unregulated temperature control valve.

Just in case, you should immediately check the valve. It should be at least open. If visually everything is normal, then you will have to call the wizard to adjust the contour. It is unlikely that you can adjust the valve yourself without skills and a pressure gauge (you may also need to adjust the discharge valve) and reload the freon by weight is unlikely to succeed.

Too low pressure in the circuit can occur if the evaporator, fan or filter is dirty. That is, the algorithm of actions is exactly the same. First, dirt is removed, and then the contour is adjusted. You also need to check the rolling density of the joints. If traces of oil are visible on them, then the mixture is leaking.


Error E2 means that the indoor unit of the air conditioner may start to freeze or is already freezing.


Using the example of this error, we can explain the general principle of diagnosing problems associated with the compressor (E1-E5):

  • Some kind of sensor is triggered, warning of a problem.
  • We remove pollution that can cause temperature extremes. Check the fan impeller. Anyway, the console “gives an error”?
  • Most likely, the problem is in the level of freon, leaking copper pipes are leaking, the temperature control valve or discharge valve is incorrectly adjusted.

If so, then most likely you will have to call the wizard. Since we are talking either about the initially incorrect installation of the air conditioner (you will have to re-pipe and refill the air conditioner with freon), or about more serious problems that require replacement of components.


The same principle is used to solve problems E5 (operation of the compressor overload protection sensor) and E4 (operation of the compressor overload protection tube sensor).


Error E6 indicates that there is no phase, that is, it is necessary to reconnect the switching. Also, you need to check the switching with an error H6. Acting sequentially and without rushing, you can find a problem in the electrical circuit.


Error E7 - a contradiction of the given modes, typical for multisplit systems. One block of the multi-split system is set to a mode that contradicts another block of the same system. Air conditioning, in simple terms, got confused.


Error E8 means that the motor sensor of the indoor unit indicates overheating of the evaporator. Again, check the temperature control valve and discharge valve. If they are in order, then perhaps the freon simply ends in the evaporator. Or maybe the evaporator tubes are clogged.

The shutdown due to error E8 protects against the supply of too cold air in heating mode. Cold air can cause a liquid to form, which, if it gets into the compressor, will almost certainly damage it.


And finally, error F0 means that the discharge sensor is broken. Most likely, the way it is.

"F" Error Codes

Errors on the cold indicator indicate a malfunction of the sensors. After all, it was written above that almost all errors in the operation indicator can be associated with the fact that the sensor does not work correctly.


Here the priority rule of potentially more dangerous malfunctions comes into effect. A compressor damaged by overheating or overload means that the air conditioner will break down completely. A failed sensor is only a potential breakdown.

In addition, sensors on Gree air conditioners cost a lot. Here are just a few of them:


  • on the evaporator (error F1)
  • on capacitor (error F2)
  • there is a sensor on the outdoor unit that measures outdoor performance (error F3)
  • discharge temperature sensor (error F4)
  • sensor of the compressor discharge tube (error F5), the same tube that may overheat and give an error E4.


If the sensors do not work properly, then they must be changed, there is no other way out. You can determine if the temperature sensor is working or not using an ohmmeter or multimeter. They measures the resistance of the sensor. You will also need a thermometer. It measures the air temperature at the time of measurement.

The nominal resistance at a specific temperature of Gree thermistors can be found in the detailed description of the model. In order to measure the resistance of a sensor, it is necessary to remove it from the circuit, therefore it is better to adequately evaluate your knowledge in electrical engineering. If in doubt, it is best to call a master. He is at the same time and the multimeter is calibrated.


Error F6 means that the capacitor is overheating, and the fan is operating at low speeds. In this case, the F6 error does not always mean that the fan does not work well. Perhaps the cause is a leak of freon.


Error F7 protects the air conditioner from oil leakage, triggering when it is removed from the system. Errors F7 and F6 often occur almost simultaneously for the same reason - leakage of the working fluid on the roller joints of copper pipes.


It is necessary to carefully examine the connections, if there are traces of oil on them, you can begin to prepare at least to re-roll all the connections - the air conditioner was installed incorrectly.


Codes F8 and F9 indicate a threat to the compressor at low speed. F8 - the compressor overloads at a low speed, F9 - at a high discharge temperature and a low speed. The reasons for compressor overload in this case can be anything at all. From commonplace dirt to a burnt control board. Therefore, it is better to immediately contact the service.


Error FF indicates a lack of power at one of the phases, it is necessary to check the switching.

"H" Error Codes

The most common nuisance is the H1 code. She is the most easily fixable.


The air conditioner stopped supplying heat because it turned on the defrost mode of the external unit. The control sensor of the heat exchanger of the outdoor unit worked and the automation turned off the heat injection. It is fed to the outdoor unit, defrosting it. Defrosting - everything will work. If not, then you need to check the health of the sensor and the heat exchanger.

H2 error means that an electrostatic filter is at risk, the one that collects dust and other particles circulating in the air. This filter can be cleaned. Or replace with a new one. According to reviews, it is Gree air conditioner filters that are one of the weaknesses. So it would be better to learn how to clean them in advance.

To do this, simply remove the filter from the air conditioner, rinse in a washing solution, rinse well under running water and dry thoroughly. And then paste it back.


An air conditioner with a dirty filter is louder, and noticeable sparking is also possible. So you can take action without waiting for the H2 error.

Error H3 protects the compressor from overheating. Overheating, as well as compressor overload, can occur due to leakage of oil, freon or freon and oil. First of all, it is necessary to check the roller connections. Or maybe due to a malfunction of the fan or condenser.


If there are no traces of oil on the connections, the fan is operating normally, and the external unit is clean, then you need to calibrate the circuit using the same discharge valve, thermostatic valve and pressure gauge.


Error H4 means a malfunction. If the air conditioner does not work after a restart, the problem is either in the control board or in the wrong installation.


H5 indicates a failure of the IPM outdoor unit. If the board is out of order, it needs to be changed.


The letter H7 means that a compressor fault indicates an energy saving inverter (DC Inverter). It is he who is responsible for turning the compressor on and off in inverter split systems. Constant on and off sooner or later affect the compressor. H7 error rarely happens for reasons that you can fix yourself.


Error H8 means that the automation considers the drainage system to be full of condensate. It is necessary to check the external drainage system. If it is clogged, clean it.

H9 - a problem in the electric heater. First you need to check if it works. If it does not work, then the cause may be an open circuit. Or the heater burned out.


Problems H0 and FH unambiguously mean that the temperature sensor is triggered on the evaporator (H0) or on the evaporator and the condenser at a low speed. It is necessary to check the refrigerant circuit and the refrigerant level in the circuit as with errors E7 and E8. The reasons are exactly the same, only the inverter sensors indicated them.

An error under the letter FH means that the evaporator may freeze. A good conditioner can solve the problem on its own. If necessary, it must be cleaned. Also, the evaporator may freeze due to leakage of freon or a malfunction of the valve and circuit valve settings.

Gree Air Conditioners Error Codes
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