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Ballu AC-N006R, AC-N006RH, AC-T006R, AC-T006RH Service Manual.pdf



Ballu Air Conditioner Service Manual and Error Codes.pdf



Ballu BSGI 09/12 Service Manual.pdf



Ballu BSZ-30H Service Manual.pdf



Ballu KFR-3601GW, KFR-3502BPE, KFR-3601BPE, KFR-4001GW, KFR-4001BPE, KFR-3502GW Service Manual.pdf



Ballu Industrial Group is an international holding company, well known in the world market as a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment. The holding specializes in the production of not only household, but also industrial equipment, which creates a comfortable living environment for humans.


In order to have solid competitive products, the holding has a powerful potential, which is concentrated in design bureaus and industrial design laboratories. Talented marketing experts work every day for the final result. Designers and industrial designers also contribute. They create the perfect products.


And now consumers can be offered over 300 models of household and industrial climate equipment. She is well known under the brands Ballu and Ballu Machine.


In Russia, the BALLU trademark was first introduced in 2003. The company has long indicated its presence first in the countries of Southeast Asia, and then in Eastern Europe. At the same time, she was very successful in implementing investment and industrial projects in Malaysia, Southeast China, Korea, France, and Spain.

Ballu Air conditioner Service Manual
Ballu BSLI-07HN1-EE-EU
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