Beko Air Conditioners Error Codes List

Beko air conditioners are equipped with an innovative self-diagnosis system. According to its results, when a malfunction is detected, the control device blocks the operation, reporting simultaneously its cause. The equipment reports defects in operation by flashing LEDs that light in a certain sequence, showing the number of the detected malfunction.


Beko air conditioner error detection can be dealt with without involving a service technician. To do this, you just need to know how the information embedded in the program by the manufacturer is decrypted. It should also be remembered that the system displays the DTC with high priority.

The main causes of breakdowns

  • improper unprofessional installation of a split system, carried out independently or by incompetent masters;
  • non-compliance with the requirements for the operation of the unit;
  • ignoring scheduled maintenance;
  • normal wear of parts after prolonged use.

When does the Beko air conditioner turn off?

The equipment will shut itself off if:

  • Secondary activation of the compressor does not occur within 3 minutes.
  • If on top of the compressor the temperature exceeds 115 degrees. Normal operating temperature should not exceed 100 degrees.
  • If the mains voltage drops below 175 or rises above 260 volts.
  • If the inverter overheats due to the fact that a strong current or a higher voltage is applied to it.
  • If the wires are open anywhere.
  • If the fan operates more intensively than the norm or vice versa weaker (norm 300 - 400 rpm.).
  • If 4 minutes the system does not receive messages about crossing through zero.

After that, the self-diagnosis system starts searching for defects and malfunctions and, having detected them, displays the desired error code on the display.

Error codes for BEKO air conditioners BKC INV, BKL INV series

  • E1 - error of the internal temperature sensor
  • E2 - Evaporator Sensor Error
  • E3 - error in engine operation
  • E5 - switching error between indoor and outdoor unit
  • 1E - error of the external temperature sensor
  • 2E - capacitor sensor error

Error codes for air conditioners of the AKH, AKP, AS, BKH, BKP, BS series

  • F1 FF01 -
  • F3 FF03 - high condensing temperature in cooling mode
  • F4 FF04 - high condensation temperature in heating mode
  • F6 FF06 - incorrect operation of the fan motor of the indoor unit
  • F7 FF07 - error of the sensor of temperature of internal air
  • F8 FF08 - Evaporator Temperature Sensor Malfunction
  • F9 FF09 - condenser temperature sensor malfunction

Error codes for BKN and AKN air conditioners

Beko Air Conditioners Error Codes





There are problems with the internal solenoid type temperature sensor

starts blinking

starts blinking

starts blinking

Diagnose a room temperature sensor defect

starts blinking

starts blinking


There are problems with an external solenoid type temperature sensor

starts blinking

starts blinking

does not shine or blink

The fan motor in the indoor unit fails

starts blinking


starts blinking

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