Kentatsu air conditioners Error Codes

Kentatsu air conditioners KSFU70XFAN1 / KSRU70HFAN1/ KSFU120XFAN3 / KSRU120HFAN3

P4 - evaporator temperature protection

P5 - condenser temperature protection

P7 - discharge temperature is too high, compressor protection is on

P9 - the outside temperature is too low, when increased, the protection will turn off automatically

P10 - output pressure protection

P11 - suction pressure protection

P12 - overcurrent protection

E1 - internal temperature sensor T1 closed / torn off

E2 - evaporator temperature sensor T2 closed / disconnected

E3 - temperature sensor capacitor T3 closed / broken

E4 - outdoor temperature sensor closed T4 closed / torn

E5 - communication between indoor and outdoor units is broken

E6 - external unit protection

E10 - compressor suction pressure error

E13 - compressor phase error

E14 - incorrect phasing of the compressor

HS - start defrost


E1 - EEPROM error (non-volatile memory on the board)

E2 - zero crossing error

E3 - abnormal fan speed

E4 - compressor current protection has been activated 4 times

E5 - indoor temperature sensor closed / torn off

E6 - evaporator temperature sensor closed / broken

Kentatsu air conditioners KSFU/KSRU76HFDN3, KSFU/KSRU140HFDN3

P4 - thermal protection of the evaporator of the indoor unit

P5 - thermal protection of the capacitor of the external unit

P9 - Defrost or Comfort Airflow Protection

E1 - open or short circuit of the temperature sensor circuit T1

E2 - evaporator temperature sensor T2 closed / disconnected

E3 - temperature sensor capacitor T3 closed / broken

E6 - outdoor unit protection

Air conditioners of channel type KSKT-HF

E0 - faulty room temperature sensor

E1 - the evaporator temperature sensor is faulty

E2 - faulty outdoor unit temperature sensor

E3 - outdoor unit defective

E4 - defective drainage pump temperature sensor

E5 - EEPROM error

E6 - water level rise

Definition of error codes by LED indicators on the air conditioner panel

E2 - malfunction of the room temperature sensor.

E3 - malfunction of the evaporator temperature sensor.

E4 - malfunction of the temperature sensor of the outdoor unit.

E6 - malfunction of the outdoor unit (see indicators on the control board of the outdoor unit).

E7 - EEPROM error

E8 - Excess water level.

Error codes for Kentatsu air conditioners
Kentatsu KSGT21HZAN1
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